Al-Arhabi: Researchers and Information-seekers should be encouraged [Archives:2007/1043/Local News]

April 19 2007

SANA'A, April 18 ) The ministry of Planning and International held in Sana'a from April 17 to 19 the 3rd Forum of Arab Statistics Capacities and the Regional Meeting for Communities Progress Measurement.

The forum aims to assist each country to develop an action plan to improve decision-making based on the information, through the provision of high-quality statistics. The forum also aims to review the progress in designing and implementing national statistical strategies in the Arab countries.

Deputy Prime Karim al-Arhabi focused on his speech that information should be available for the public and private sector and the importance of publish all the statistical information and databases to the researchers, interests, to contribute effectively in development.

The conference is in collaboration with the Statistics Department, Arab Databases Leagues and the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and the Secretariat of Paris 21 Association. During the forums` sessions, the conference addressed several working papers submitted by the Yemeni Central Agency for Statistics The forum included local, Arab and international participants. The coordinator to the project (Metajora) – Paris 21 Raowl Swaris said that the forum encourages the dialogue between the statistics producers to have a national strategy for sound decision making.

Furthermore, the chief of the forum preparation committee, Loai Shabanah explained the goal of the forum saying that the forum promotes Arab statistical capacity through the collection of all parties concerned in the statistical system at the local and regional levels and creates a dialogue and cooperation among themselves on various statistical issues.” The forum held to increase awareness of the role of statistics in policy-making