Al-Bahr: Tourism and Supplication [Archives:2006/971/Local News]

August 10 2006

Saleh Al-Batati
Mukalla, Aug. 8 ) A summer camp is making huge gains this year due to its diverse nature.

The annual activities staged on Al-Mukalla Khour are the first of its type in Yemen as it calls to Allah and spreads the noble mission via tourism.

The camp is in its second session and it continues from Aug 1 to 11. The positive results of this year's activities are seen in the large numbers of attendees. Around 700 people attended Sheikh Adel Al-Moqbil's lecture titled “Magician's Deceit” and Badr Al-Mashari's lecture was attended by more than double, among them were 1000 women, in spite of the fact that the lecture was delivered during the rain.

The idea of the camp came to them last year, based on similar camps in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. Those in charge of these camps liked to transfer this idea to Yemen in general and Al-Mukalla in particular, thus becoming the first camp of its type in Yemen, according to Dr. Fahmi Bin Bishr, the camp's public relations manger.

It is an educative and invocative camp and it discusses all problems of the society via fatwa and lectures given by senior religious scholars from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Moreover, the camp also deals with health and social issues as well as amusing aspects and competitions.

“The camp is run by a group of volunteering youths who primarily adopted the idea and many who came to provide their help, may Allah bless them,” said Bin Bishr.

“The camp is conducted under the supervision of the local council and supported by Hadramout governor, Abdulkadder Hilal, as well as donations provided by charitable personalities and merchants in return for advertisement. Regarding the budget, we allocated YR 5 millions for this year in order to avoid the deficit of the last year,” said Bin Bishr.

The senior Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia came to the camp after personal coordination with the camp administration.

We sometimes confine ourselves to sending calls for them from the governor or the local council and we pay for their travel and settlement. We were able to bring together a number of Sheikhs including Badr Al-Mishari, Adel Al-Moqbil, Suliman Al-Jibilan and Fahd Al-Amoush from Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Awdah Al-Khamis from Kuwait as well as Sheikhs Ahmed Al-Mualim and Nazem Bahabarah from Yemen, Bin Bishr declared.

Next year Bin Bishr said they will try to improve and prolong the camp's summer session and choose suitable times to match with occasions such as Eids and Ramadhan.