Al-Baidhani proposes debate with president Saleh [Archives:2006/942/Local News]

May 1 2006

SANAA ) Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Baidhani said “If president Ali Abdullah Saleh has changed his declared stance and nominated himself to the upcoming presidential elections, it would be my great hope to jointly take part in a debate where we will debate what Yemen is suffering of unemployment, poverty, hunger, suicide and terror and how to treat these diseases the Yemeni people are suffering.”

In a message he had sent to Yemen Times last Saturday, Al-Baidhani said “I would welcome a debate with the president on causes of this suffering and why has it begun? How did it continue? Why the existing governance was enable to treat it? Why does it want to continue in this inability which the world states talk about, to the extent we have been described as the poorest country on earth?”

Al-Baidhani asked the latest three successive heads of government to admit their failure in effecting any reform, as was that confirmed by the former deputy premier Ahmed Soufan who had told the media that Yemen had become the poorest country in the world.

Dr. Al-Baidhani emphasized in his message he would not at all events back down from nominating himself and that his stance was that because the majority of the Yemeni people's conditions have reached the summit of poverty and the state's negligence in tackling this tragedy despite its knowledge of its diagnosis and cure. He said “The situation dictates on everyone capable to volunteer to save the people and turn a new chapter for the birth of the modern state for which the revolution broke out.”

Dr. Al-Baidhani concluded his message by saying “No doubt you have followed up some mercenary writers who have been trying to fill with suspicion the legitimacy and eligibility of some contesters for nomination to the presidential elections. Among such that is what some have alleged that my wife is a foreigner in an attempt to exclude me from nomination, whereas the reality is that my wife was Egyptian then acquire the Yemeni nationality fifty years ago, i.e. before the revolution. His Majesty the late Imam Ahmed had ordered to consider her a Yemeni and supplied her with a Yemeni passport and then granted her a diplomatic passport which she is still keeping it. She had used to smuggle weapons to the revolutionaries from Egypt until the outbreak of the revolution. Some of them are still alive to testify because they used to receive those weapons at Cairo airport secretly, exposing her life to danger of the Imamate regime spies.”