Al Baradoni commemorated [Archives:2003/666/Local News]

September 8 2003

In commemoration of the Yemeni renowned poet Abdulla al-Baradoni's 4th death anniversary, al Saeed foundation for science and culture on September 4 held a lecture-giving ceremony.
The lecturer was delivered by Mr Sameer al-Yousufi, editor in chief of the Taiz-based al- Thakafia newspaper who said disability of the poet al-Baradoni did not impede him from composing poetry and literature. He pointed out the stages of the poet al-Baradoni life for which he had got attention and was honored in and outside Yemen .
Abdullah Al-Baraddouni was born in Baraddoun village to the east of Dhamar in 1930.
He caught smallpox and lost his sight consequently while 6.
Despite this, he studied the holy Quran and learned how to read and write. He listened to many poets and began composing at the age of 13.
Many of his articles and poems were published in newspapers and magazines.
He has to his own credit 12 poem collections and a number of studies and researches.
All prizes he won were allocated to enhance his books in the market which were sold for a very cheap price.
No other poet has been able to reach his position in history.
Al-Baraddouni sang the suffering of his homeland.
Holding the torch of enlightenment in a country that under the yoke of poverty had been ruined by diseases, he became the most eminent poet in Yemen.