Al-Baradouni Died [Archives:1999/36/Front Page]

September 6 1999

Abdullah Al-Baradouni, a well educated intellectual, writer, and poet that all Yemenis loved, has passed away last Friday in his 70s. Born in Zaraja village of Al-Hadaa, he was one of the bravest and most talented Yemeni and Arab writers and poets of all time. 
We heard of murders happening here and there, and we said no problem. We heard of the City Center and the Bab Al-Yemen explosions, we also said no big deal. However, the true loss to all of this in this black month, is the loss of Abdullah Al-Baradouni. A man who has contributed a lot for his country, and in all aspects. Losing such a man is truly unfair, unjustified, and signals a loss to all Yemenis. Al-Baradouni was not just a poet, he was a noble man who feared no one when saying the truth. He was even imprisoned for his daring statements. He has rejected many positions in the government because of his honest attitude, which they didn’t like. In short, he was the handicapped hero of the people. The huge number of awards, certificates, and achievements of Al-Baradouni indicate his true value. The funeral of Al-Baradouni was attended thousands of his beloved last Tuesday. 
Abdullah Al-Baradouni started composing poetry at the age of 13. With perseverance and sheer willpower, he was able to defeat his handicap (blindness) by studying at the Science House andgraduated as a teacher of Arabic literature. Known as a revolutionary poet, Al-Baradouni was able to enter the history by being the best Arab writer in modern poetry.