Al-Barakani elected head of GPC parliamentary bloc [Archives:2007/1041/Local News]

April 12 2007

SANA'A, April 11 ) At an April 10 meeting attended by Secretary-General Abdulqader Bajammal and his assistant secretary-generals, the ruling General People's Congress party elected Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani, who ran unopposed, to head its parliamentary bloc. The party also elected other new bloc leaders, who also were uncontested.

Though some ruling party members differed with Al-Barakani and were dissatisfied with his performance, Bajammal and his assistant secretary-generals convinced them to reelect the sheikh, noting that the GPC doesn't want any internal divisions, particularly as 2009 parliamentary elections are approaching, and further assuring that now isn't the time for differences.

Upon formation of the new Yemeni Cabinet, President Ali Abdullah Saleh sent a letter to Bajammal commending his efforts in his post and declaring that he wants him to assume responsibility for the GPC, which is preparing for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Following his exaltation by the president, Bajammal has begun working to restore his party's vitality, attempting to reconcile and settle disputes between party members. He also is working on regulating GPC affairs by holding periodic meetings and resuming activities at Al-Mithaq Institute, together with the general secretariat.

Chairing an April 10 meeting attended by Bajammal and other high-ranking GPC officials, President Saleh stressed the importance of activating the party's various sectors and holding periodic activities, as well as enhancing its performance.

He further assured the GPC's intent to separate partisan from official work, with the aim of preparing the party for the April 2009 parliamentary elections.