Al-Buhrah Marks The Day of Fidelity [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

The Buhrah sect in Yemen marked in Thursday 19-7-2001, the Day of Fidelity corresponding to the 17th of May, the day of the emergence of liberty and democracy in Yemen. The 90th birth day of the great Fatimite preacher Dr. Mohammed Burhan al-din chief of the Buhrah sect in the world was also marked. During the celebration many words, in English and Arabic, were delivered, including an abstract on the fatimite sect. Mr. Sallman Rashid the representative of Sultan of Buhrah delivered a speech in which he expressed the greatness and tolerance of Islam. He further added that the Buhrah sect exists around the world and that the Sultan of Buhrah Dr. Burhan al-din paid eight visits to Yemen during which he met President Saleh and other officials at the government. The word of Rashid focused on the cultivation of Qat in Yemen and noted that Qat has distorted the image of Yemen overseas and that the Sultan of Buhrah has donated USD 90000 in damages to the people who will uproot this evil tree and replace it with useful ones. He also noted that a number of Qat bushes have been uprooted in Harraz area.
During the celebration the best students graduating from Mohammed Burhan al-din School for Quran Teaching were honored and local dances from the area of Haraz , the largest residence area in Yemen for the Buhrah sect, were also performed. The celebration was attended by the deputy chairman of the Shura Council and a number of officials and diplomats.