Al-Bukari quits Journalists Syndicate [Archives:2005/897/Front Page]

November 24 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A – Nov.22 – Mr. Hafiz Albukari, General Secretary of the Journalists Syndicate, has resigned last Monday from his post at the Syndicate. In his resignation letter he indicated that feels frustrated because of the Syndicate's inability to help Yemeni journalists after over eighteen months of continuous hard work towards the protection of journalists and the freedom of the press.

He added that he could do anything for journalists in terms of improving their career and living conditions, in addition to the alarming deteriorating in press liberty. Mr. Al-Bukari indicated that the main reason behind his resignation is upcoming endorsement of a draft media law that will eventually destroy the freedom of the press which is currently at its infancy. Mr. Al-bukari believes that the new media law will make journalist's rights more vulnerable, and will not protect journalists of any violations of their professional, human and constitutional rights.

Al-bukari criticized the Syndicate's failure to adopt a unanimous clear program to protect journalists and stop the continuous violations against journalists' rights, which have been escalating recently. Al-Bukari himself has suffered immense personal abuse while undertaking his post as General Secretary of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, most recent of which is a defaming campaign led by government run news papers against him and against his wife prominent journalist Rahma Hujaira.

Al-Bukari admitted that he didn't achieve his promises to the journalists through the Syndicate and confirmed that he will always be by his colleague's side in search of a better future for freedom of the press in Yemen.