Al-Dailami rejects court procedures [Archives:2005/897/Front Page]

November 24 2005

SANA'A- Nov. 23- Ali Hussein Al-Dailmai, brother of cleric Yahya Al-Dailami, who has been impresioned since Septermber last year on charges of promoting hatred, has announced that his brother Yahya has rejected all the court proceedings in his case and described them as unfair and unlawful: “I personally express concern over what is happening to my brother who is a prisoner of opinion, and I request all international organizations to take quick action against the illegal and arbitrary practices against humanity and human rights taking place in Yemen”.

Cleric Yahya Al-Dailami demanded that the legal authorities stop harassing Zaidi people because of their belonging to the Zaidi sect, he also claimed that was subject to assault by the authorities in the Sana'a Central Prison.

Cleric al-Dailami also demanded the court should bring to justice all those who commit acts of hatred against him, his family, and members of the Zaidi sect as well as citizens who expressed solidarity with him.