Al-Dailamy sentenced to death [Archives:2005/900/Front Page]

December 5 2005

SANA'A, Dec. 4 – The verdict of Yahia Al-Dailamy and Mohamed Ahmed Miftah cases was issued last Saturday by the Penalty Court upholding the judgment passed by the Primary Court. The two were accused of stirring sectarian tumult and corresponding with a foreign country namely Iran. The court compelled the prosecution to refer the case to the high court. The court also accepted Miftah's appeal formally and refused it substantially. The two suspects had already refused the appeal petition that was submitted by their lawyer last June, dismissing the court as being illegal.

The Primary Court had sentenced Al-Dailamy to death on the 29th of last May, and sentenced Miftah to eight years in prison for instigating unrest and establishing a group affiliated to the so called terrorist “Faithful Youth Organization” headed by Hussein Badradeen Alhothi. They were also convicted for illegal correspondence with Iran to destabilize public security.

A number of civil society coalition members organized a peaceful sit-in at the Penalty Court on Saturday, in remonstration against the Al-Dailamy and Miftah convictions. The coalition described the trial as unconstitutional and considered the court itself to be illegal. The civil society coalition expressed their grave concern over the procedures of the court, which deprived defense rights.