Al-Diyyar confiscated [Archives:2006/972/Front Page]

August 14 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 13 ) Due to publishing news in the last issue of Al-Diyyar, a private political weekly newspaper, of an alleged plan to kill President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Ministry of Information confiscated it from the market.

Al-Diyyar Editor-in-Chief Abed Al-Mahdhari confirmed the incident, explaining, “The last issue of Al-Diyyar, published Aug. 6, was removed from markets because it contained a report of an attempt to assassinate President Saleh.”

According to the newspaper's report, sources mentioned a plan targeting President Saleh, which was discovered at the last moment. The planners were connected to regional and international intelligence forces, who tried targeting the Yemeni head of state and abolishing his regime in order to gain control of Yemen's political resolve to carry out their plans for the area.

The report went on to say that the plan aimed to assassinate Saleh in order to replay former scenarios from a divided Yemen, during which the lives of presidents from both parts of Yemen were claimed, including North Yemen's Ibrahim Al-Hamdi and Ahmed Al-Ghasmi and South Yemen's Salim Rubia Ali and Abdulfatah Ismail, as well as several military leaders and political figures prior to Yemen's 1990 reunification.

Al-Mahdhari was attacked last month in Sana'a for publishing news about President Saleh's son, Ahmed, possibly turning against his father. He also previously published news about arms dealers in Yemen and demanding their trial.