Al-Esbo’o Newspaper Chief Editor Attacked [Archives:2000/16/Local News]

April 17 2000

An 8-man armed group attacked Thursday 14 the house of Mr. Hassan Al-Odayni, Chief Editor of Al-Esbo’o, beating his nephew black and blue and stole an attache case containing a sum of money in addition to other things from the house. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment
The incident was reported to Criminal Investigation Office and the Ministry of Interior but no measures were taken to arrest the 8 offenders. Instead of that the victim was subject to interrogation for three times.
On his part the Deputy Minister of Interior remarked that since the victim’s age was 20 he was longer a teenage and he could bear the assault.
Mr. Hassan Al-Odayni had last August survived an assault and kidnapping attempt and filed a charge against the Minister of Interior. The primary court gave a verdict in his favor but the minister appealed the decision.