Al-Hadharani honored, poetic collection published [Archives:2006/964/Culture]

July 17 2006

By: Yemen Times Staff
Renowned Yemeni poet Ibrahim Al-Hadharani was honored July 13 at the Culture House in Sana'a. Attended by Minister of Culture Khalid Al-Rowaishan, presidential cultural advisor Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh and a host of intellectuals and interested attendees, the celebration coincided with publishing Al-Hadharani's full poetic collection edited by Alwan Mahdi Al-Jailani.

A number of young poets recited some of Al-Hadharani's works at the ceremony. Academics also reviewed his poetic career and commented on his political activism, especially during pre-revolutionary Yemen. A group of his popular lyrics also were sung.

Published by the Ministry of Culture, the poetic collection accommodates the poet's works published in literary newspapers and magazines like Fatat Al-Jazeera and Al-Bareed Al-Adabi.

Born in Dhamar province in 1920, Al-Hadharani was educated by his intellectual father, Ahmed Al-Hadharani, studying classic literature, Arabic grammar, history, rhetoric and religious sciences. He then moved on to reading world classics and literature, keeping in touch with famous Arab literary figures.

Al-Hadharani is famous for his revolutionary verse recited by martyrs before their execution, such as the following lines:

How much I was tormented for the sake of my country and drank the cup of death many a time.

And today, for the sake of my country, I give up my life wholeheartedly and voluntarily.

Al-Hadharani's public service included his position within Yemen's delegation to the Cairo-based Arab League, his role as cultural advisor at the Yemeni Embassy in Kuwait and a staff member at the Ministry of Culture.