Al-Hareth Bin al-Fathl:A new volume of poetry [Archives:2003/631/Community]

April 14 2003

Mohammed Al-Masani
Obadi Center for Studies and Publishing along with the Yemen's Authors and Writers Union have recently co-published a new volume of poetic work for the prominent Yemeni poet Alhareth Bin al-Fadhl entitled Hammalat Alnahdein (The Bra). The 100-page volume comprises 32 poems in total.
Contrary to its title, the volume directly and indirectly addresses different concerns and issues of Yemeni women. In one of his poems the poet refers to the inhumane and tragic incidents of Sanaa University's Faculty of Medicine and its ripper that took place more than three years ago.
In another poem entitled “American Tuesday” the poet depicts the twin towers of the Free Trade Center and the moments of their collapse. It's worth mentioning that the poet has already published two volumes of poetic work named “Delirium of Stars” in 1998 and “Worried Rhymes” in 2001.