Al-Harethi and Al-Ahdal Demand Assurances [Archives:2002/06/Front Page]

February 4 2002

Sheikh Amin al-Ukaimi is still trying to convince Qaed Sunian al-Harethi and Mohammed Hamdi al-Ahdal, suspected to have links to al Qaeda network, of surrendering themselves to Yemeni authorities. Al-Harethi has previously demanded assurances from sheikh Ghalib al-Ajda’a, a prominent sheikh of Murad tribe in Mareb, and colonel Mujahed abu Shawareb, a leading sheikh of Hashid tribe, to give himself up to the authorities. One of the most important demands of al-Harethi was not to extradite him to the US authorities and not to be detained for more than two months. Sheikh al-Ukaimi who is trying to broker a deal between al-Harethi and the Yemeni authorities has not disclosed the outcomes of his negotiations with the former till the paper went to press.
Al-Harethi and al-Ahdal are still at large along with more than ten of their associates roaming the desert between Mareb and Jawf region.
On the other hand, security authorities in Sa’ada are still detaining Abu Abdurahman Khalifah, a Kuwaiti national, who was arrested at a border point between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Abu Abdulrahman was suspected to have links to the Islamic Jihad Movement.
A reliable source told Yemen Times that Abu Abdulrahman was rather a Salafi and had no relation with Islamic Jihad and he would potentially be deported to his country soon. Similarly, security forces arrested last week an Egyptian and a Bulgarian who were on a boat coming from a neighboring country near to Medi island in the Red Sea.