Al-Hariri’s murder a wake up call:The war against terrorism must continue [Archives:2005/817/Viewpoint]

February 18 2005

The brutal, cruel, and ugly attack that killed Rafeeq Al-Hariri and 15 other people has caused devastation, outrage, and disbelief all over the world. Lebanon has been shaken by this horrific act that was intended to kill one person.

Other countries have faced similar terrorist incidents, but at a time that Lebanon was reviving its image as a business center in the region, this incident has several possible long-term implications.

While it is not yet known who was responsible for al-Hariri's death, it is very clear is the victim is not just Al-Hariri himself, but the stability and security of Lebanon.

Lebanon needs to be supported at this time. The country is facing a challenge against forces that want to hinder the progress that the country is making. Arab countries are united against such terrorism, which targets everyone working for stability and progress.

In a common voice, Yemenis need to condemn this action. It is quite clear that terrorists are willing to hit hard in our countries. The recent conference in Saudi Arabia on combating terrorism is a move in the right direction.

We have people brainwashed with ideas that make them think that the homicides that they commit are done for God's sake. Those people are being exploited and raised by evil minds that work for individual interests and have nothing to do with religion or faith.

Islam is a just religion and not only does it prohibit killing Muslims, but the killing of any human – regardless of their faith – is a grave crime. The threat of terrorism and fundamentalism should not be underestimated. If Muslim youths continue to be naive and listen to voices that kill others, then terrorism will flourish. It is about time that governments work together to build a coherent network that works collaboratively to fight this phenomenon.

Let us realize that the attack against Al-Hariri is a wake up call to all Arab governments to follow up with their war against terrorism and act against any group or entity that sympathizes with their action. Let us hope that Al-Hariri's life will not be forgotten.

Lebanon needs us now more than ever, and by fighting terrorism and assisting it to recover from this shock, we can help greatly.