Al-Hijjra Village [Archives:1998/02/Culture]

January 12 1998

Al-Hijjra village is one of the most important landmarks in Yemen, since it has tourist attractions and an excellent climate. This village dates back to the Al-Salihiya state (1050-1170 A.D). It is built over a big rock and is fortified by a strong wall which has made it invincible until today.
The villagers restored some of the high buildings to good condition. Many visitors are surprised when they visit the village because it is built on a hill and the buildings are prominent. The climate of Al-Hijjra is moderate because it is located between Sana’a and Hodeida. Public services such as electricity, water and a paved road to Manakha are available. The roads of the village itself need to be paved. Tourists who arrive in Yemen by ship visit Al-Hijjra village because it is near the port of Hodeida. Agriculture is the main activity in the village. The villagers plant wheat, corn, maize, coffee, tomatoes and qat. The village has a population of 1160. Al-Hijjra Hotel is considered to be one of the most beautiful tourist landmarks in Al-Hijjra. It was built 6 years ago and has become famous for its excellent services. The Hotel offers many services such as delicious meals and can host parties and wedding ceremonies. The prices are competitive and reasonable and it has a capacity for more than 60 persons. I have written several articles in some local and foreign newspapers such as the French and Spanish publications. The hotel provides the tourists with guides who speak several languages. The hotel arranges activities such as walking, camping and touring by donkeys to different tourist and archeological areas such as Al-Amir house, Al-Haymi fortress, Al-Kharaba, Al-Sehab, Kahel, Al-Hatib and others. The hotel conducts walking excursions to Al-Mahweet, Hajja and Yaro mountains.
By: Yousif Al-Sharif, Yemen Times