Al-Hodiedah University: Years of Success [Archives:2002/03/Reportage]

January 14 2002

Imad Al-Saqqaf
Taiz Bureau Chief
Since its foundation in 1996, Hodiedah University has accomplished dramatic academic changes with regard to the quality of education and the inauguration of new branches that serve the labor market. More than 20 thousand students study at 10 different colleges at the university. The Rector of the University, Mr. Kasem Mohammed Abdu Rabu gave a brief account of the university and its futuristic future saying: The first college, the Education College, was established in 1986. A republican decree was issued to establish the Hodiedah University in 1996. We have tried to do our best and make it a distinguished educational institution, so we opened colleges that are not available in any other Yemeni university such as, Sea Sciences, Fine Arts, PE, Engineering, Computer Sciences, etc. In addition to this, the Medicine College was established in 1999 including new branches of Health Sciences, Labs and Nursing.
The university possess educational service centers, such as, Sea Sciences Center, Environment Protection Center and Psychological Service Center.
Last year, more than 20 training courses in the field of computer were organized to train employees of the public and private institutions. Tens of students were also treated at the psychological service center of the university.
On sea sciences, researches have been represented to the governmental bodies about fish proliferation in the Red Sea as well as the possibility to prepare an atlas for fish in the Red Sea.
The teaching staff at the University are of different Arab and Asian nationalities.
Different cooperation agreements have been signed between the university and other universities like Baghdad and al-Qadesia in Iraq, Suiz University in Egypt, Lebanon University, Liverpool University and West Wind University.