Al-Hothy remains in a stronghold in “Mran” mountains amidst heavy fightingSa’adah violence continues… [Archives:2004/749/Front Page]

June 24 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Sa'adah Governorate remains in a state of high tension. Fierce battles have taken place since Monday, 21st June, between Hussein Bader Al-Deen Al-Hothy and followers and military forces that are besieging him.
Clashes that began last Monday between his armed followers and military forces with armored vehicles have resulted in the deaths of two and wounding of three other members of the security forces.
The security forces have shelled the house of Hussein Al-Hothy, the son of the Islamist propagandist Bader Al-Deen Al-Hothy who embraces the Zaidi school and teachings and who belongs to “Al-Haq Islamist Party”.
A concerted assault was launched by security forces on Tuesday 22nd. By nightfall two tribesmen had been killed and a further eight injured, whilst the security forces suffered no casualties.
Due to the intensification of fighting and the perceived use of excessive force by security forces, the tribesmen have appealed for the intervention of the Red Crescent. Fighting in the area continues.
Sources indicate that Al-Hothy and nearly ten thousand of his armed supporters, followers of the Zaidi teachings, are scattered on the mountains of Mran, but are surrounded by military and security forces gathered from the nearby regions, reinforced with tanks and armored vehicles. Military airplanes intermittently fly over the region and helicopters are present.
This crisis erupted when groups of Al-Hothy's followers prevented the entry of the Mayor of Sa'adah Governorate, Brig. Yahya Al-Amry, to Mran region, 30 kilometers west of Sa'adah City.
He immediately returned to the region with more forces and armored vehicles to surround Al-Hothy and to force him to render himself to security forces.
Sources indicated that Khawlan Bani Amer tribe and supporters from other regions have been supporting him.
Many of his followers, after attending Friday's prayers at Sana'a's Grand Mosque, were arrested for chanting anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans at the end of the prayers.
About 640 of them have been detained and were later released after they signed a pledge not to repeat their actions.