Al-Houthi’s will: behead me when I die [Archives:2004/770/Local News]

September 6 2004

The 26th September, the organ of the armed forces, said in its latest issue that the authorities arrested one of al-Houthi's followers and found in his possession al-Houthi's will which states:
'After thanking God, I recommend you to cut off my head as soon as I die, so that my identity wouldn't be revealed. I swear by God, who sent Mohammad the prophet with the truth, I've seen in dream that the prophet , Ali Bin Abi Talib, Alhasan, and Alhusein, with Zaid Ali Musleh, Abdusalam Abdullah and Ali Musleh (considered of al-Houthi's fellow leaders) each one of whom was leading a nation with white flags with the following written on them: 'Congratulations, second Hussein. We were missing you and looking forward to your arrival. You are a martyr and your head will be cut off and put in this box set with gold, emeralds, and a group of angles around it. You are the owner of the two flags.'
The letter was concluded by his will to his followers encouraging them to defy and to dismiss doubts of the truth”.
“The forces still besiege al-Houthi in Jabal Sulaiman where they expect to find al-Houthi,” the sources mentioned.
“the authorities are looking for al-Houthi's corpse among 40 burnt and rotten ones found in the embattled areas where al-Houthi followers were entrenched last week. The corpses were transferred to the Al-Salam Hospital in Sada'a after finding al-Houthi's will. The corpses had been buried in valleys or left for dogs.” the sources told YT.