Al-Hubaishy encounters barbaric aggressionPGC and Yemeni Journalists Syndicate condemn [Archives:2004/729/Local News]

April 15 2004

Mr. Ahmed Al-Hubaishy, the official spokesman of the ruling party, the People General Congress (PGC), and Editor-in-Chief of May 22 weekly newspaper, encountered early this week a barbaric attack by an armed group on the road between Al-Mansouryeah and Aden.
In a phone call, Mr. Abdullah Ibrahim, a friend of his, said that the armed group driving a pickup with a Saudi license plate intercepted Mr. Al-Hubaishy at 7:30PM. He was stopped under gunpoint. Since he resisted them, they began beating him using their rifle butts and iron bars leading, to multiple wounds to his body, before they fled when a number of citizens hurried to save him
Mr. Al-Hubaishy, is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Sana'a due to the serious nature of his injuries.
“His writings and what May 22 newspaper publishes against Islamic radical groups and figures may be the primary motive behind the assault against him. It may be just a message to be followed by his elimination,” said a close friend of his.
Mr. Mahboub Ali, President of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, condemned, as he described it, the criminal attack against a senior journalist. He called on the security authorities to pursue the perpetrators ensure they receive the punishment they deserve.