Al-Jawfi recognizes efforts of education personnel, EDC [Archives:2006/953/Local News]

June 8 2006

On the occasion of the National Day of Yemen, the Ministry of Education, the Office of Education, and the Teacher Training Institute, organized a ceremony to acknowledge and reward the most outstanding staff members from the three institutions. The ceremony, which took place at the Teacher Training Institute on June 1, was honored by the presence of Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Jawfi, the Minister of Education, who acknowledged the outstanding personnel at the Ministry, the Office of Education in Sana'a, and the trainers and trainees at the Teacher Training Institute.

Al-Jawfi also acknowledged the Education Development Center (EDC) for their work in the development of the education system in Yemen. In recognition of the accomplishments of the EDC, Al-Jawfi conferred a certificate of excellence and recognition to Dr. Towfick Sufian, Senior Representative of EDC in Yemen.

EDC, a nonprofit organization, works in the areas of education and health internationally. It is a registered organization in Yemen where it is currently implementing two innovative educational projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.