Al-Jawfi to YT:”The Americans have not asked us to reform school curricula” [Archives:2003/667/Front Page]

September 11 2003

Sana'a, September 9)Around five million students are supposed to have joined Saturday 14 000 schools in this new academic year. The Ministry of Education has around 240,000 employees, 135,000 of them are teachers and only five thousand of them are well-qualified while the rest are administrative staff. The ministry needs around 50,000 classrooms while the available ones are not more than 10,000.
The Minister of Education, Dr. Abdulsalam al-Jawfi summoned before the parliament last Tuesday to be questioned on his decision of transferring some school teachers and change among school masters which some MPs argued has caused chaos to both teachers and students.
The minister defended his decision of having uniform dress for all school students starting this year. He told Yemen Times that his ministry distributed textbooks to schools and that by the first week of October all textbooks will be available at all schools. He said that some teachers have been “redistributed teachers within governorates and districts in order to ensure that all subjects are covered by teachers in all schools.” He denied that some of these teachers and headmasters were moved from their schools due to their political affiliation, indicating that his ministry has agreed on such criteria. “Never, never. That is not correct at all. We have put some criteria for this process. This is done according to the interest of students and schooling in Yemen at large. Hating and loving does not exist in our work,” he pointed out.