Al-Jifry to Yemen Times Violence, in our opinion, is more of an animal rather than a human attribute [Archives:2000/08/Front Page]

January 21 2000

In a recent extensive interview with the Yemen Times  the Yemeni prominent opposition leader Abdul Rahman Al-Jifri has denied having any recent contacts with the President, saying, If they have ever occurred, I would not cover them up because they are legitimate, even desirable. I lead a solemn  opposition and offer thoughtful views and I certainly chart a peaceful course of action, consequently I harbour no personal enmity against any person. 

On his understanding of the democratic atmosphere in Yemen, Mr Al-Jifri said What has been going on in our country falls somewhat short of the true democratic path. In fact, it takes on the form but removes the essence of democracy, and there are really no grounds  to regard our experience as worthy exemplary status  in democratic practice. 
Mr Al-Jifri confirms that contacts with leading figures from the PGC, the Islah, the Opposition and the other national independent leaders, have never been interrupted, adding that they were held in public without secrets. He has asserted that they have not been official meetings for dialogue, although dialogue is the very thing we have been calling for. On the return to Yemen from exile, Mr Al-Jifri has said it is conditional on the realization of favourable atmosphere to play an active role in nation-building. He insists that the return should have political rather than humanitarian character. 
As for the recently endorsed Local Administration Law, Mr Al-Jifri commented by saying Regrettably, the government persisted on endorsing a Local government law, which envisages no authority to the administrators themselves or the local communities. 
Text of the interview