Al-Kharbah sees gunfight over salaries [Archives:2006/949/Local News]

May 25 2006

AL-JAWF, May 24 ) Ameen Abdallah Al-Ghuthaifi, the General Manager of the Education Bureau, along with five other persons were reportedly injured, while two others were killed, in a gunfight. The incident took place at noon in the village of Al-Kharbah located near the government complex in Al-Hazm. Armed, disgruntled teachers intercepted the Al-Ghuthaifi's car, leading to a deadly exchange of fire.

Sources said that teachers had complained previously of salaries deductions and suspension of work. Frustrated at the slow response to their complaints, the teachers resorted to violence to make their voices heard.

Locals intervened and mediated between the two sides, which resulting in a ceasefire. Casualties were rushed to local hospitals. Fear still lingers though of the possible consequences of the incident, which might include revenge killing and tribal fighting.