Al-Misrakh District Under Shelling [Archives:2000/28/Local News]

July 10 2000

For the second successive week, military forces are still besieging Al-Misrakh District in Taiz, bombing houses and villages.
Informed sources told the Yemen Times that more than 50 army groups had been sent to reinforce military troops surrounding the whole area. Many families from the village and nearby villages fled their home to safer villages.
The source added that the conflict was between Mohammed Rizq Al-Sana’ani, Air Defense Commander and Abdul Wali Al-Jaberi over a piece of land located in Taiz.
Following the death of Al-Jaberi’s nephew 4 years ago in relation to the same issue, Al-Jaberi’s family kidnapped Mr. Rizq along with his son. The kidnapped were then released following a successful mediation by MP. Abdul Wahab Mahmoud.
Military forces attacked yesterday evening Al-Mataly village and destroyed 10 houses, a school, a mosque and arrested 65 villagers.
People of the afflicted villages expressed their condemnation and protest against the bombing of their houses and service institutions. In another development, an urgent appeal has been sent by the sheikhs and inhabitants of Saber districts to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, government officials and Taiz governor, demanding the stoppage of the intensified military shelling of the villages of Al-Mataly which has been going on since July 7 killing or wounding several defenseless people. They also appealed to all human rights organizations to intervene for putting an end to the bloodshed.
Military forces are still stationed on mountains of Najd Qussaim, Al-Dimnah, Al-Rahidah and Al-Aroos in Saber.