Al-Moayyad appeals to Saleh to free him from U.S. jail [Archives:2006/957/Front Page]

June 22 2006

SANA'A, June 21 ) Detained in a United States prison in Colorado, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayyad appealed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and all Yemenis to step up efforts to release him and his aide, Mohammed Zayed.

In a letter entitled, “An appeal from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Moayyad,” the inmate urged Yemen's government and its people to expend extensive efforts to free the pair, Al-Sahwa Net reported. In his letter, Al-Moayyad appealed to organizations interested in human rights and freedoms to rescue the two men from their unprecedented ordeal.

“For 3,000 hours in this jail, we have suffered harsh investigations, conspiracies, darkness and hard work contravening international human rights laws,” Al-Moayyad complained. “We neither see the sun, friends nor defense-advocates; rather, we're thrown in a cell, the area of which is no larger than my mosque's mihrab.”

The elderly sheikh added, “I don't know why I face this torture. This is the punishment for good deeds and feeding the poor and needy. Moreover, I've been deprived of talking with my companion Zayed. So I pray to Allah to accept our efforts and make goodness the culmination of our deeds.”

Concluding his letter, Al-Moayyad wrote, “This is the journey of torture – from Sana'a to Frankfurt and then to New York to live in a dark prison. We no longer value life. We only hope to return to our beloved country to bid farewell to relatives and sons, as well as to the poor and needy and those who stood by us with efforts and prayers.”

Zayed's mother urged U.S. authorities to allow her to hear her son's voice, as she's been deprived of speaking with him by phone for four months. She said that the U.S. authorities prevented Zayed from telephoning his home under the pretext that he's doing so in Al-Moayyad's name. He's only allowed to contact his father and brothers, who live in a village, but denied from telephoning his wife and children.