Al-Moayyad fate unknown [Archives:2003/642/Front Page]

June 19 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Moayyad sent a letter of appeal last week to the Yemeni Ambassador in Germany demanding solid steps from the concerned bodies to follow up with his case and prevent his extradition to the USA and to allow him a safe return to Yemen.
So far, no guarantees that he will not be extradited to the USA were given. However, certain international agreements may result in his extradition to the USA, but this will not result in his execution as none of the charges against him are strong enough to result in such a decision.
However, in his appeal, Al-Moayyad refuted allegations by US intelligence that he had links to Al Qaeda network.
The Assahwa, Islah-run newspaper, published in its last issue Al-Moayyad's letter of appeal and said that the US intelligence has charged him without giving any convincing evidence. The paper claimed that the US is “stumbling in their accusations.” The paper reminded its readers that “Shiekh Al-Moayyad has openly declared his total denouncement to terror acts in all its forms.”
Among the charges presented against Al-Moayyad by the US intelligence was that accusing him of moving to Sanaa after staying elsewhere for a long period of time. While he himself denied this accusation and claimed that he had been living in Sana'a since his early childhood. The second charge was that he is a supporter of the Palestinian Hamas Islamic Movement whereas he claims he is only an honorary president of Islamic Voluntary Society for Al-Aqsa.
Shiekh Al-Moayyad added that Hamas has an office in Yemen, hence those running the office should be responsible for fund-raising and not anyone else.
In his letter, Al-Moayyad also rejected US intelligence claims about his involvement in providing Osama bin Laden USD 20 million and demanded proof.
He also denied that he had links to Al Qaeda saying that he met with Osama bin Laden only once in a public area in Pakistan where he disputed with him about a legislative issue.
In his letter, Al-Moayyad's also rebuffed the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth were charges for:
– Sending a volunteer to Afghanistan called Saleh Ahmed Al-Mardanoa.
– Received donations from al-Farooq Mosque in USA.
– Transferring USD 3.5 million to Hamas through al-Aqsa foundation in Palestine.
– Participating in a political assembly in Lebanon that aims at supporting the Palestinian uprising (Intifadha).
– Meeting with Khalid Misha'al, the Hamas Military Wing Commander in Syria and Yemen.
– And finally funding collective wedding ceremonies for a number of Yemeni youths.
– Those charges to which he denied and rejected demanding proof from the USA intelligence.
In conclusion of his letter, Sheikh Al-Moayyad told the Yemen Ambassador in Germany Mr. Muhi al-Deen al-Dhabbi that he should “be assured, there is nothing certain in the American claims. I had come to Germany basically for medical purposes and I am ready to be tried before any Yemeni or German court and I am sure that I will be proven innocent.”
In his letter published in Assahwa, Al-Moayyad expressed his grief and sadness for being kept in a German prison for three thousand hours, where he was prevented from speaking to any Arab and to pray on time. “I was even deprived from going out to breathe fresh air as I am trapped in a cell poorly ventilated.” he said.
According to relatives and friends, Al-Moayyad suffers from several illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatism, liver and other diseases.