Al-Motawkel faces assassination attempt [Archives:2006/913/Local News]

January 19 2006

DHAMAR, Jan. 17 ) Yahya Musa Al-Motawkel, adviser to the Justice Minister, faced an assassination attempt Monday at 11:30 a.m. by an armed group of three men. They hit him on the head and then shot him in the leg while he was walking on Rada'a Street beside his home. The group immediately escaped after accomplishing their target.

According to medical reports, Al-Motawkel is in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Queen Arwa Hospital in Dhamar Governorate. Ahmed Yahya Al-Motawkel, the victim's son, said his father does not have any enemies or revenge with anyone so they cannot accuse anyone now.

Local authorities, sheikhs and members of Parliament assembled in a special meeting and condemned the assassination attempt. They demanded the state and security try criminals as far as possible. They termed the incident a terrorist activity against innocent people.

Ahmed Al-Makaleh of the Socialist party told News Yemen the reasons behind the assassination attempt are attributed Al-Motawkel's belonging to a religious creed called Al-Zaidi. Al-Makaleh pointed out the ruling party's newspapers (the GPC) initiated a press campaign against Al-Motawkel weeks ago. Newspapers described him as the Imami head in Yemen and a supporter of Al-Houthi's followers.