Al-Muayad health condition deteriorates in Colorado prison [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007

SANA'A, April 24 ) A legal source expected that Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al-Muayad, imprisoned in the United States along with his companion Mohammed Zayed for terror-funding verdict by the American Judiciary, may be subjected to surgical operation at a US hospital in Brock Len in the few upcoming days.

Khalid Al-A'ansi, executive director of HOOD organization, maintained that Al-Muayad should be taken to hospital for the operation since he is undergoing a very poor health condition while in Colorado especially in the last few days. He further added that Al-Muayad and Zayed's trial will begin next summer in the American Court of Appeal so that their lawyers can offer their appeal against Brock Len court's sentence of 75 years imprisonment for Al-Muayad and 35 years for his companion in addition to $ 2 million as fine.

Sheikh Hamood Hashim Al-Tharihi, Chairman of the National and People Committee for defending Al-Muayad and Zayed, has already criticized the decision of Colorado Prison Authority which refused to allow Al-Muayad to be transferred to hospital for medical check-up and taking a specimen from his lever as required by the doctor. He also pointed out that the American authority's refusal is considered a violation against human rights as well as international laws and norms. Al-Muayad's doctor had conducted some medical check-ups three months ago and set an appointment for other check-ups.