Al-Nafeesi: Gulf Cooperative Council incomplete without Yemen and Iraq [Archives:2006/915/Local News]

January 26 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 22 – In a maqeel (gathering) at Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar's house, famed Arab intellectual and political science lecturer, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafees, stated that the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) will be incomplete without Yemen and Iraq's full membership.

Al-Nafees confirmed that the council's weakness and immobility is attributed to its isolation from Yemen and Iraq. He added that without these two forces, the six Gulf countries will be susceptible to international intervention and local unrest, which already has occurred.

He and Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Noaimi are touring Arabia to promote the international aggression resistance campaign. They also seek to acquaint themselves with international human rights organizations and shed light on threats arising from Iraq's occupation. One such threat is the Israeli pipeline project to carry Iraqi petroleum from Kirkuk to Jaffa, which will pave the way to establishing a water pipeline to carry Euphrates River water to Israel. Al-Nafees also mentioned indications that Israeli troops are working with American forces in Iraq.

Al-Nafees warned of the danger of minorities in Gulf countries. He noted that minorities are concentrated densely in some areas, posing a danger of demands for independence, as is the case in Singapore and East Timor, Indonesia. He said the ideal solution is to use the Yemeni workforce in place of Indians and other nationalities.