Al-Nahar newspaper stands trial [Archives:2005/848/Front Page]

June 6 2005

The Sana'a South West Court held its first session on Wednesday the first of June, 2005 to look into the three suits filed against Alnahar Newspaper. One of the suits was filed by Shaikh Mohamed Mansour from Al- Ja'ashin. The other two law suits were filed by Althawra General Hospital – Sana'a.

It is clear that there was an intention to tease and confuse Alnahar by holding three sessions on the same day

The case began when the newspaper published three articles on the practices of Shaikh Mansour against the people in his area.

The sheikh considered the articles a personal slander, and presented the case to the attorney General. “We presented documents which we considered to be material evidence for what we have published, but the attorney ignored it all and proceeded with the case”, Sheikh Mansour said.

In a press release, Shihab Alahdal Chief Editor of Al-nahar newspaper said, “We appreciate Sheikh Mansour's resorting to the judiciary, but we are sure of the case we adopted. We published only a very small portion of the sufferings experienced by the people in al-Ja'ashin area. Our articles were based on complaints, dialogues and interviews with locals from al-Ja'ashin. “The fairness of our case could partly be justified by the fact that we were not the only newspaper that revealed the aggression locals of the area are subjected to, and we are the only paper that stands trial”, Shihab al-Ahdal pointed out.