Al-No’man announces to run for president [Archives:2005/863/Local News]

July 28 2005

SANA'A- In a letter to “Ilaf”, a newspaper on the website, the Yemeni political opposition leader Abdullah Ahmad al-No'man declared to run for president in Yemen's coming presidential elections.

Al-No'man has shown his desire to stand in elections after President Ali Abullah Saleh declared ending his stay in power in September 2006.

In his letter, Abdullah al-No'man said: “I think you heard on Sunday July 17 the President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressing officials who came and presented him their heartfelt congratulations on the 27th anniversary of his being in power. President Saleh took office following the assassinations of Yemen's former President Ibrahim al-Hamdi and his successor Ahmad al-Ghashmi in a conspiracy that has not been identified until now.”

Al-No'man's letter adds: “in his address, President Saleh declared his determination to quit power in September 2006, and I via your newspaper (Ilaf) announce my desire to run for president in the presidential elections due in September 2006. I commit myself to behave in the way conducted by Yemen's great revolutionaries including al-No'man, al-Zubairi, al-Eriani and their colleagues”.