Al-Nukhbah’s 2005 Manual for Training and Qualification issued [Archives:2005/871/Local News]

August 25 2005

SANA'A- As part of the issuances of al-Nukhbah for Public Relations and Advertisements, the 2005 Training and Qualifications manual was issued this week.

The manual is a distinguished authority on all the training institutes and centers in Yemen and of particular use to students and those trying to improve themselves.

Led by Mr. Yasser al-Mayasi, a young and enthusiastic team produced this latest manual which includes research and information on computers and the internet. This manual is intended to raise awareness among young people by informing them of changing technologies such as the computer, internet and opportunities and challenges of learning a foreign language.

In an attempt to transcend class boundaries, Mr. Al-Mayasi has emphasized that the manual will be free. This is the second time the al-Nukhbah's manual has been published. It was issued last year for the first time with great success and contributed to the growth of training and qualifications in the public.