Al-Odri Head of Taekwondo Technical Association [Archives:1998/35/Sports]

August 31 1998

The Yemeni Taekwondo Association has formed a special technical, which includes a group of international Yemeni referees and coaches. Motahar Al-Odri was appointed head of the committee and Khalid Ghaleb, Yahya Al-Bakhish, and Abdulraheem Solaiman as members. One representative from each governorate will be appointed as member of the group later.
The Yemeni Taekwondo Association is one of the most active sport associations in Yemen. A group of Yemeni referees have just finished attending a international referees course which was concluded in South Korea last week. They will soon be qualified to be international referees for Taekwondo. They are Motahar Al-Odri, Mowafaq Monassar, Kamal Awad, and Mohammed Is’haq.