Al-Okaimi is back [Archives:2005/837/Local News]

April 28 2005

April, Jawf, Yemen Times, after having been arrested by authorities in Sana'a two years ago, the Member of Parliament Amin Al-Okaimi returned from Saudi Arabia.

'Sheik Amin Al-Okaimi, one of the Islah PM, was exposed to different kinds of harassments on the accusation for accommodating terror elements,' a source said. For this reason he left Yemen for Saudi Arabia, where he spent two years.

The MP was a leader of the Borders' Weapons in his area in Al-Jawf but was fired after his disagreement with the authorities.

The sources revealed that Al-Okaimi's return is attributed to the authorities' needs for his help against Al-Houthi and his supporters, who went to al-Jawf.