Al-Qadhi wins Human Rights Best Photo Award in 2003 [Archives:2004/702/Local News]

January 12 2004

Sister Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF) and No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) organization announced last Wednesday, Jan. 7th names of the 10 winners of the Second National Human Rights Competition for 2003 in different fields including photography, caricature, play writing , poetry composition, short story, investigative reporting and research writing.
Mr. Mohammed Hatem al-Qadhi, a senior editor at Yemen Times and a correspondent for the Saudi-based Riyadh Daily has won the Human Rights Best Photo Prize in 2003 for his photo which he took Friday 21, March 2003 for a child killed in the violent demonstration near the US embassy where some people were protesting against war on Iraq. The photo is called “Opinion Expression Right” and was published last March by Yemen Times on front page. It invited a good response inside and outside Yemen. In a reception hosted by SAF and NPWJ and attended by Minister of Human Rights Amat al-Aleem al-Soswa and Emma Bonino, member of European Parliament and founder of NPWJ, the winners were honored. along with other young people who won other prizes.
Mr. Abdulrahaman al-Ghabiri, one of the most famous photographers commented on the photo by saying “it is highly professional. Mr. al-Qadhi was brave and challenger to grasp such a shoot. Frankly, I wish it was mine.”
Other winners include Fekri Kasim (play writing), Salah al-Dakak (poetry composition), Hamdan Hamid (poetry composition), Rashad al-Sam'ee, Hamid al-Maswari and Khadija Zaid (caricature), Nidhal al-Iryani (short story), Eidi al-Munaifi (Investigative reporting) and Eidi and Adel al-Munaifi (research writing).