Al-Qaeda elements may be regrouping in Yemen [Archives:2003/682/Local News]

October 30 2003

Sana’a, Oct. 28- Al-Qaeda elements have recently warned the Yemeni government against its excessive security cooperation with the US.
The mouthpiece of the Yemeni Unionist Party Al-Wahdawi Weekly in its issue released Oct. 27, said that it has received a phone call via satellites from a person named Abu Mohammed Al-Ghamedi, a Saudi national, who claimed that he was the representative of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and he went saying that they are ready to pursue attacking the American interests in the country without mentioning any other details.
Moreover, he said that al-Qaeda elements in Yemen have been guided by Al-Mua’ataz Bellah, indicating that they ousted Khalid Abdulnabi, a leader of Hutat Group in Abyan. He also said that that Aden-Abyan Islamic Militant Group has joined Al-Qaeda.
“He refused to specify where he was phoning from, indicating that he was phoning via satellites to convey such information to the press,” according to the newspaper.