Al-Qaeda escapee Mojali surrenders to security [Archives:2006/934/Front Page]

April 3 2006

Amel Al-Ariqi
SANA'A, April 3 ) One of the Al-Qaeda members who escaped from Political Security Prison Feb. 3 surrendered to police last week. According to the Defense Ministry's 26 September Net website, Hizam Saleh Mojali is considered the sixth fugitive to surrender to security so far, from among 23 fugitives who dug out of the Sana'a intelligence jail.

Mojali was sentenced to death by the Competent Penal Court's appeals division for his link to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, participating with Jamal Badawi in the 2002 attack on French supertanker Limburg and for killing policeman Hameed Khasroof. This is the first time the government has announced the identity of an arrested prisoner, as the identities of five previously arrested prisoners remain unknown.

Media reported differing stories about the way the prisoners were arrested. According to local press, the last two surrendered in the southeastern province of Hadramout, telling police officials they decided to surrender after “finding it difficult to stay on the run any longer with police pursuing them.”” Whereas Agence France-Presse (AFP)