Al-Qaeda: Gold sales claims [Archives:2005/846/Local News]

May 30 2005

Ten Arab men suspected by Swiss authorities of supporting the al-Qaeda terror network allegedly engaged in illegal gold trading besides smuggling illegal aliens, said Swiss authorities on Thursday.

According to the 2004 Swiss report on national security, the 10 suspects, the last two of whom were released in April, transferred proceeds from their gold trading to a Yemen-based pressure group with suspected links to al-Qaeda.

The report said the 10 were believed to have smuggled several hundred job seekers from the Middle East to or through Switzerland.

The men were also suspected of providing fake documents that enabled collaborators to enter Switzerland and European countries.

In April, Swiss authorities released the last two of the group from detention, but they were still under investigation.

As a condition of their release, the suspects – who included seven Yemenis, two Somalis and one Iraqi – must report regularly to local police authorities.

The men had been rounded up in Swiss raids between December 2003 and May 2004 after being linked to numbers in cellphones seized from terror suspects in Saudi Arabia.