Al-Qahira district in Taiz:Artistic portrait of celebration [Archives:2003/677/Local News]

October 16 2003

By Ahmed Saleh al-Bukhary
Yemen Times, Taiz

Taiz, Yemen, 14 Oct.—In celebration of the country's anniversaries of 26th September, and 14th October, al-Qahira city in Taiz has put on its most beautiful dress of glamour and glittering lights decorating its streets with flags rising high and waving in the wind in proud declaration of our country’s achievements. Especially in the night when the lights are turned on, colorful street lights dance in celebration in that beautiful place.
The idea of decorating the streets is to involve everyone in the celebration and get the feel of the great occasions so that all people could celebrate the occasions. This is what the authority in-charge Engineer Ahmed al-Raima and his assistant Mr. Tariq al-Ashwal head of the markets and environment in the district believe in and are working so that it comes true.
Al-Muthafar and Salah districts have been celebrating the occasions in a similar fashion especially with dying lots of streets and quarters' walls in white colors throwing an optimistic feeling all around. Of course these are results of hard work by Mr. Mohammed Saeed al-Sabri head of the administration and Engineer Najeeb al-Himyari head of the general administration in the districts where the al-Qahira Fort had been decorated and from where fire works shoot into the sky in celebration.