Al-Qahirah Castle refurbished [Archives:2005/878/Culture]

September 19 2005

There, it stands proud of itself, at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, al-Qahirah Citadel perches at the foot of Sabir Mountain and overlooks the dreamy city of Taiz giving it a feeling of security perpetuated since ancient in history when the citadel was the most invincible stronghold in the area.

Currently, al-Qahirah citadel is undergoing maintenance and ramifications are introduced. It is being refurbished and ameliorated into a status typical of a unique historic icon in the city of Tazi which testifies to the craftsmanship of old Yemenis and their mastery over the art of construction and warfare.

The maintenance work covers the reconstruction of the walls as well as the grain storages, paths and water courses. Restaurants, waterfalls and clubs are planned to be built in the vicinity of the Citadel to add to its glamour and provide a convenient and ideal place for recreation and sightseeing. The maintenance cost of the Citadel has reached so far about eight hundred million riyals.

The historic citadel of al-Qahirah dates back to pre-Islamic ages . It was restored and rehabilitated in the time of Rasouli state, eight centuries ago. It was the palace of the Rasouli Sultan King Mudhafar Yousuf bin Omar bin Mohammed Ali Rasoul.

Archeological studies conducted at site have revealed that the Citadel was taken over by many states throughout its long history. The archeological finds prove this fact, contrary to the claim that it was built under the reign of Medieval Sulaihi State. Of course some books tell us that Sultan Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Sulaihi, brother to king Ali bin Mohammed al-Sulaihi, used it as a fort. At this time, it was utilized as a storing facility for grains, ammunition, and war equipment.