Al-Qamish is expected to attend the Parliament with Al-Alimi [Archives:2006/998/Local News]

November 13 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 12 ) In protest against the absence of Ghaleb Al-Qamish, chairman of the Political Security Apparatus, parliament announced it's suspending its sessions until Al-Qamish attends.

Saturday's session was meant for Al-Qamish to present the circumstances for the detention of Ahmed Saif Hashed, an MP, during a demonstration in front of the Political Security Apparatus during Ramadan.

Al-Qamish sent a letter to the parliament excusing his inability to attend the session because he's busy with his own business and further suggested calling Rashad Al-Alimi, minister of interior, to stand in his place because he's the head of the supreme security committee. However, the letter was strongly rejected by MPs, considering it law-violating. However, according to media sources, Al-Alimi sent on Sunday a letter to the Parliament confirming that he, as well as Al-Qamish, will attend today's session.

Hunger strike

Hashed announced he will start his demonstration in the parliament's hall from Saturday and further to embark on a hunger strike until death waiting for Al-Qamish response to the parliament's demands.

Sources at the General People Congress said its bloc presidency decided not to attend sessions until Al-Qamish attends.

“Calling the chairman of PSA to attend parliament's sessions is constitutional and Al-Qamish should stand before Parliament to listen to MPs notices about the PSA performance