Al-Qarni returns to the prison [Archives:2008/1190/Local News]

September 15 2008

SANA'A, Sep. 14 ) The Yemeni political comic Fahd Al-Qarni returned to prison last Sunday, after he refused to sign a document renouncing to his political performances presented to him by Governor of Taiz Hamoud Al-Soufi, as part of the presidential order last Thursday to abolish the judiciary decision against him.

Al-Qarni stated that he informed the governor of his absolute rejection to drop political rights guaranteed to him by the constitution in signing the document. “I informed the governor that I would not bow to his request, and that prison was better for me than apologizing or agreeing to his conditions.”

The administration of Al-Eslahya prison in the Taiz governorate had transferred Al-Qarni to the governor's office in anticipation of his release, but readmitted him when he refused to sign the document which came as a condition for his being set free.

Al-Qarni had previously been jailed in July 2006, when officers affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Bureau arrested a group of individuals, accusing them of selling a popular cassette entitled Shabi'een (Fed Up), which was made by Al-Qarni.

Making use of folk compositions in a humorous and sarcastic manner, the cassette bitterly criticizes the government's policies.

Al-Qarni was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, fined YR 500,000 and ordered to hand over the recordings of all his productions. In addition, Al-Qarni would have a bail set on the condition that he would not reproduce any of his work.