Al-Qerashi commemorated [Archives:2003/661/Local News]

August 21 2003

TAIZ, August 20 – A commemoration ceremony to Mr. Jafaar al-Qerashi, the Sociology counselor, counselor at the Education Office in Taiz was held today in a gesture to express appreciation for his role in the field of sociology.
Al-Qerashi had died on July 2, when he was on a mission during the final secondary examinations in Shara'ab, Arrounah, Taiz governorate.
During the commemoration ceremony, a number of eulogies were delivered on behalf of the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Joint Meeting Parties, the family of the deceased and the educational and vocational syndicate as well as the Yemeni Teachers' Syndicate in the governorate.
Eulogies focused on the struggling period of the deceased, who was one of the bravest pioneers in the context of education and sociology.
A number of eulogy poems were also delivered by the al-Qerashi's friends and admirers.
A commemoration book about his life was also distributed during the ceremony. The book, which contained a number of articles and eulogies, was published by the Yemeni Socialist Party, Taiz branch.