Al-Qirbi: Saddam Tribunal should be meant for justice [Archives:2004/752/Front Page]

July 5 2004

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said Yemen hopes that the tribunal of the ousted former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will be conducted in a legal manner that preserves the rights of the man and will not only be used for propaganda.
Al-Qirbi, who was talking in a press conference along with Oman's foreign minister last Saturday, said that the tribunal of Saddam is an Iraqi affair but “we are concerned that it should be conducted in a legal manner that protects the president's rights.” “We hope that the court will abide by the local and international laws and that the trial should be conducted in an environment that will not instigate more differences inside Iraq and a trial which the world will consider just and fair,” he said. He stressed the need of the Iraqis is to come together to overcome their problems and differences and that the tribunal should be meant to reach justice rather than to achieve a media propaganda. The minister expected that some leaders will emerge in Iraq and would try to push for more violence to hinder the interim government's efforts for rebuilding Iraq.