Al-Qubah village under sheikh attack [Archives:2007/1103/Local News]

November 19 2007

TAIZ, Nov. 18 ) The National Authority for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) condemned the attack launched by Sheikh Jameel Al-Dhabab followers, who it claims set fires, looted and destroyed four houses belonging to locals of Al-Qubah villages.

HOOD denounced such outrageous acts, claiming in its press release that they “violate the principles and values of our religion and humanity,” and adding, “Such unjustifiable actions indicate the narrow-mindedness of these violators and their contemptible views upon others. They look down upon others as if they are the lords and the others are their slaves. This view has declined over time; however, such acts taking place in some hamlets and isolated areas show us that this narrow-minded mentality still exists.”

Shortly after receiving a complaint made by the victims, HOOD immediately reported the act to the Saber prosecution office.

The Yemen Times interviewed Abdul-Sallam M. Sultan, who said that one of the sheikhs' sons attacked a woman living in a house in his village, located west of Taiz. According to the witness, the sheikh bit the woman, for unclear reasons. The village's locals rescued her and evicted the attacker. As a result, the attacker brought a large group of people to attack village locals.

An ensuing firefight took place between the two sides, leading to the murder of one of the sheikh's followers. Then, the locals surrounded criminal investigation officials. The sheik's group attacked the village again when women and children were alone, looting, destroying and setting fire to houses.

HOOD, as well as relatives of the victims, requested the president and Attorney General to arrest the perpetrators and present them before justice.