Al-Sada Charitable Society: [Archives:2000/29/Culture]

July 17 2000

Working For Integration of Marginal Groups In Society
A good number of marginalized groups are to be found in Yemen. In comparison to others, these groups live in miserable condition in respect of health, nutrition and residence.
Statistics show that such people are concentrated in the coastal areas where people are characterized by simplicity of life style.
Despite the existing scope to participate in the development of society, many hurdles are posed in their way to achieve meaningful participation. Illiteracy is the most dominating handicap, which consequently affects their eligibility for better jobs.
More reprehensible is the way the society looks upon them. They are regarded as low-class of people with a low level of integrity.
Suffering from instability of income sources, they are pushed to the streets to practice begging.
To found a society to look after such destitute people’s suffering is a real achievement by all means.
Last Monday, Al-Sada Charitable Society inaugurated the “Arab Woman Speaks” project in the presence of the Ambassador of the U.S.A, the American Cultural Attach, representatives of the non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Insurance and others.
Speakers on the occasion highlighted the necessity to activate the agenda of the of the society to integrate those downtrodden groups to the social mainstream.
In her speech, the American ambassador stressed the need to provide women with more educational opportunities.
Al-Sada Charitable Society is a women’s volunteering organization aiming at the uplift of the marginalized families in the urban areas. It was founded on January 1 1998 with 95% of its administrative staff being drawn from those families.
Mrs. Hayat Al-Hubaishi, chairperson of the society said that the main objective of the society was to improve the health, environmental, social and economic standards of such families and provide training to women in order to enable them to find better job opportunities.
About the agenda of programs of the society she outlined organizing a training program for both men and women in areas including computer, administration, sewing, home services and libraries), another for promoting handicrafts and marketing their products, organizing seminars for women, etc.
“As far as education is concerned,” said Al-Hubaishi, “there is a kindergarten for children, a school for the basic studies for the school dropouts. We also provide opportunities for those in jobs to complete their secondary and higher education.,” she added.
“The society aims at improving women’s social, cultural and health levels through education. There are intelligent and creative women who are unfortunately ignored and neglected. We are very ambitious about the programs of the society and hope that we will be able to expand the base of its activities all over Yemen,” said Mrs. Noor of the Al-Sada society.
Despite lack of financial support, the society still works hard determined to achieve the goals it was set for depending on the basis of personal efforts of its dedicated staff.
Jalal Al-Shara’abi, Yemen Times