Al-Saeed Cultural Forum holds meeting in Taiz on cleanliness [Archives:2004/716/Local News]

March 1 2004

A special meeting on cleanliness and efforts in this respect was organized last Thursday by the Al-Saeed Cultural Forum at its headquarters in Taiz with the governor of Taiz Qadhi Ahmad Al-Hajri, along with representatives of Qahira district, government authorities, local councils, mosque preachers, managers of schools and other prominent figures.
The meeting's aim was to pinpoint issues concerning waste control and cleanliness along with plans to ensure that awareness is raised at the public level of the hazards of wastes of all kinds including remains of wrecked cars, stones, dust, etc.
The participants agreed on the need to have the Cleanliness and Enhancement Fund participate in the campaign to clean up the Qahira district, using all resources available. They have also agreed on the need to provide the basic infrastructure services for various developmental and service-oriented projects in the district.
The governor of Taiz Al-Hijri said that “the issue of cleanliness is a religious and humane duty and is the responsibility of every one.” He also emphasized that President Saleh is interested in completing the largest project of its kind to protect the city of Taiz from the devastation of floods and complete the Qahire fortress project and of course resolve the problems of water.
He also announced that the President instructed the pavement of 20 kms of roads in Taiz and ordered the compensation of those who had built houses that violate the city's plan.
Meanwhile, the attendants focused on the important role local councils should play to enhance living standards and minimize unemployment and finding areas to have cemeteries in. They also agreed on the need to reduce crowdedness of schools and pay attention to those living in inhumane conditions in houses made out of zinc in some areas of Taiz.
Among the issues discussed was the protection of the environment and the need to launch a campaign to have every citizen of Taiz plant a tree in front of his house. Mosque preachers present at the meeting promised to focus on the importance of justice and enforcement of the law and discouraging the use of live ammunition during wedding ceremonies.