Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture announces prizes of 2003 round [Archives:2004/729/Community]

April 15 2004

By Ismail Al-Ghabir
and Mohammed Bin Sallam
Yemen Times Staff

Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture announced last Wednesday the results of the competitions for the Al-Saeed Prizes for the year 2003.
The foundation announced winners in four fields, which are:
1- Natural Science
2- Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
3- Islamic Science
4- Literature

The Prizes on economic, social and humanitarian sciences were not awarded since the stipulated conditions were not fulfilled.
The prize for the Natural Sciences went to researcher Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Junaid, the prize for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences went to researchers Dr. Ismail Abdullah Muharum, Prof. Dr. Taha Yassin Saeed Al-Ademe, Dr. Fouad Abdullah Thabit Al-Hamdi and Dr. Abdullah Nasher Murshed Muqbel. The prize for Islamic Science went to researchers Dr. Fouad Abdulrahman Mohamed Al-Bana and Ahmed Mohamed Mujahed Al-Shaibani and the prize for literature went to writer Mohamed Abdulwakeel Jazem.
Mr. Faisel Saeed Fara, Director of the Foundation, explained during the press conference that the number of contestants reached 34 competitors during this fourth round. Mr. Faisel added that the foundation, in addition, has provided practical contributions during the last year, from establishing the Al-Saeed Fund for the Support of Scientific Research to organizing book exhibitions involving more than 75 publishing houses and 130 book titles.
As for as the activities for the year 2004, including those in the framework of 'Sana'a the Arab Cultural Capital 2004', the foundation will carry out 25 activities headed by the Saeed Carnival which begins on April 25 and lasts until 8 May.
It is worth mentioning that Al-Saeed Foundation is a scientific and cultural corporation founded in 1996 in a decree from the Hayel Saeed commercial and industrial group of companies in honor of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Anam, the founder of the group, in appreciation of his services to the development field in general and charity activities in particular, based on his humanitarian and national sense of responsibility and as an embodiment of his wishes for the development of science, culture and technology in Yemen.
The foundation aims at encouraging Yemeni citizens to engage in scientific research, providing additional knowledge and scientific benefits and contributing to creating and developing a generation of scientists, experts and specialists in the natural and primary applied fields of science, technology and development.